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Herbert Distel looks for one of his egg sculptures:

Spiegelei im Becher.

Spiegelei im Becher is the title of a sculpture dating back to 1970. Its height is 1m70 (5’ 6 ⁹/₁₀’’). The egg is made of chromed steel and the egg-cup is white polyurethane brushed wood.

Under the auspices of Pro Helvetia, the piece was shipped from Switzerland to New York City in 1971, to be displayed at the “The Swiss Avant Garde“ exhibition at the New York Cultural Center. At the end of the show, Spiegelei im Becher was not returned to Europe, but stored by an art gallery in town. Later on, probably in 1973, it was agreed that the sculpture should be moved to another gallery, also based in NYC. I don’t know for sure if this happened at all. Obviously, there are no written documents about that. Today, 40 years later, nobody can remember anything.

Please help me to find the current location of the sculpture Spiegelei im Becher! It is very important to me for the work in progress of a catalogue raisonné. Therefore I have authorized BerenaNews to support my search. Please send the search run to all your friends, because someone knows somebody who knows the one who has this magic egg at home. Please send any pertinent information to

Thank you

Herbert Distel